New chair of the publications subcommittee

I am taking this opportunity to introduce myself as the new chair of the publications subcommittee.

I served in the Royal Navy as a Medical Officer for ten years before taking over an NHS practice, in addition I was a lecturer in the local Medical School. I have been medal collecting for the best part of 50 years with eclectic interests. Throughout this time I have always enjoyed reading books written by fellow collectors about medals.  Such books have always added to the research on medals in my own collection and my enjoyment of the hobby. On-line resources are incredibly useful but can never replace books.

The aim of the publications subcommittee is to facilitate the publication of books written by members of the society on medallic topics. These books would probably have little commercial value to the mainstream publishers so OMRS books provide a platform for publication of important and very useful works to the medal collecting fraternity that would otherwise go unpublished.

It is said that we all hold a novel in ourselves and while I've never quite got round to writing mine I do have ideas for several for books on medallic topics in my to-do list.  I would encourage all members to look at the book(s) in their to-do list and to get to work on their word processing software to get it written.

Should any member feel they would like to discuss a possible project please feel free to contact me directly on, I will be more than happy to discuss your ideas and let you know the steps to publication.