OMRS Membership

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There are two types of types of membership available and these are distinguished by how the Journal is received. The annual subscription rates are as follows:

Printed Journal (plus electronic copy in pdf format):

UK-Resident Membership                   £25

Overseas Membership                        £33

Electronic copy of the Journal only:

Worldwide Membership                      £15

Joining Fee

In addition to the annual subscription there is a one-of £5 joining fee. Therefore, in the first year the total cost of membership is the selected annual membership fee plus £5. Thereafter, only the annual fee is payable.

Membership Process

The process for joining the Society is as follows:

1) Complete the online application form and the application is submitted to the next meeting of the Executive Committee

2) Once the application has been approved by the Executive Committee, it is submitted for publication in the next available edition of the Journal.

3) Providing no objections are received in the 30 days following publication in the Journal, membership is confirmed.

Note: No matter what time of year membership is confirmed, the member will receive all the Journals for the year.

Family Membership

This membership is only available where another family member is a fully paid-up member of the Society. This enables family members to attend Society events and purchase Society goods at member rates. A Family Membership can only be purchased in the members’ section of the website by the primary member.

Please note: Family Membership does not entitle the Family Member to a copy of the Journal.

Family Worldwide Membership £3