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Wellington Branch OMRS - Medal Conference - 20th October 2018 - Wellington, New Zealand


The XIII th European Conference of Phaleristic Societies will take place in Vienna from 10 to 12 May 2019 and will be hosted by the Military Museum in Vienna in co-operation with the Austrian Phaleristic Society.

Orders & Medals Society of America, 7th to 11th August 2019, Houston, Texas.

XII European Conference of Phaleristics Societies

Stockholm, Sweden 25 to 27 May 2018

This year’s conference, which was hosted and organised by the Chancery of the Royal Orders of Knighthood of Sweden under the very capable control of Tom Bergroth of the Swedish Museum of the Royal Orders of Knighthood, took place in the beautiful city of Stockholm which was at its best in the unusually hot May sunshine.

 As before numbers were limited to around 100 with delegates coming from some 14 different countries including, for the first time, China. The British party, although smaller than in previous years, was headed by the Society’s President, Graham Pitchfork.

The programme began on the Friday evening with a ‘meet and greet’ reception in Stockholm’s magnificent town hall where delegates were welcomed by the deputy mayor of Stockholm – the mayor was in another part of the building at a dinner attended by the Swedish king.

On Saturday morning five excellent presentations were given in the dining hall of King Charles XV of Sweden in the royal palace, on such subjects as: an introduction to the Swedish awarding system and the birth of the Swedish orders of knighthood in 1748; the Doggersbank Medal (1781) and its Swedish recipients; and the mission to Sweden in 1669 and the Order of the Garter to King Carl XI which was given by Stephen Patterson from the Royal Collection Trust, Windsor Castle. While the delegates were enjoying this programme, their partners were having a guided tour of the Royal palace.

In the afternoon, there was a formal presentation by Guy Deploige of the Belgian medal society of a Star of the Order of the Seraphim to the Museum of the Chancery of the Royal Orders; Guy had purchased the insignia, which had once belonged to a member of the Swedish Royal Family, in a local auction in Belgium. After this presentation the delegates enjoyed a guided visit of the Halls of the Orders of Knighthood in the royal palace followed by a presentation on the Chancery of the Royal Orders by its chancellor. That evening a formal dinner was held in the town hall with delegates enjoying the 2015 Nobel Prize menu and with the tables laid with the Nobel dinner service.

On Sunday the delegates visited the Riddarholmen Church, the burial church of the Swedish monarchs, for a presentation on the heraldic tradition within the Order of the Seraphim. They then visited the vestry where there was a small exhibition: ‘A Living Heraldic Tradition – the coats of arms of the Royal Order of the Seraphim’. Following this the party visited the Baath Palace and heard a presentation on the Order of Charles XIIIth which was followed by a final reception.