12, December, 2019


After 18 years of service to the OMRS as Membership Secretary Jim Lees has decided to retire. He has
indicated that he is willing to remain in post until 31 March 2020, or until a new Membership Secretary is

This is a very important role within the OMRS and it is vital that we appoint someone to succeed Jim
before 31 March 2020 to enable them to establish themselves in the post before memberships are
renewed on 1 July.

Briefly, the duties of the Membership Secretary are as follows:

1. Processing all new membership enquiries and applications.
2. Maintaining the Society's membership database.
3. Dealing with queries from existing members relating to their membership.
4. Reporting to the Executive Committee on all matters relating to membership.

All reasonable costs incurred by the Membership Secretary will be reimbursed.

Anyone considering offering their services must realise the duties of the Membership Secretary take a
considerable amount of time and the position might be best suited to someone who is retired or semiretired.
Also, the position requires a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office software.

Any member who is interested in offering their services or would like further information should contact
the General Secretary at:

5, December, 2019

In the future development of the web site it is planned to have a web page dedicated to useful links and resources for members to aid them in their research. As a start a few have been placed below, if anyone has any other they would like to share then please email me at and i will add them in here for the benefit of all.


go here for information on the Anglo Boer War 1899 - 1902 and other South African conflicts in the period 1779-1906, also has a forum for discussion of the many aspects of these conflicts.


Society for Army Historical Research


Medals: campaigns, descriptions and eligibility


The London Gazette which explains the order of wear for medals and decorations


From the National Archives website -  British military campaign and service medals


5, December, 2019

I am taking this opportunity to introduce myself as the new chair of the publications subcommittee.

I served in the Royal Navy as a Medical Officer for ten years before taking over an NHS practice, in addition I was a lecturer in the local Medical School. I have been medal collecting for the best part of 50 years with eclectic interests. Throughout this time I have always enjoyed reading books written by fellow collectors about medals.  Such books have always added to the research on medals in my own collection and my enjoyment of the hobby. On-line resources are incredibly useful but can never replace books.

The aim of the publications subcommittee is to facilitate the publication of books written by members of the society on medallic topics. These books would probably have little commercial value to the mainstream publishers so OMRS books provide a platform for publication of important and very useful works to the medal collecting fraternity that would otherwise go unpublished.

It is said that we all hold a novel in ourselves and while I've never quite got round to writing mine I do have ideas for several for books on medallic topics in my to-do list.  I would encourage all members to look at the book(s) in their to-do list and to get to work on their word processing software to get it written.

Should any member feel they would like to discuss a possible project please feel free to contact me directly on, I will be more than happy to discuss your ideas and let you know the steps to publication.

3, December, 2019

The 2020 Annual General Meeting of the Orders & Medals Research Society is to be held at the Annual Convention in Bristol.

The meeting will take place in The Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre – where all Convention events will be held – on the morning of Sunday 13 September before the OMRS Medal Fair opens.  In the past the AGM has for many years been held at The National Archives in Kew. The change has been introduced to make the AGM accessible to as many Society members as possible.

29, November, 2019

OMRS Convention 2020 will be held at the Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre from 11-13 September with convention events and accommodation under the same roof.

For further information please see the latest update in the Conventions section of the website or by selecting this link - OMRS Annual Convention.

31, October, 2019

Booking is now open for the XIV European Conference of Phaleristic Societies to be held in Paris from 15-17 May 2020. The event is being organised by the Society  of  Friends  of  the  National  Museum  of  the  Legion  of  Honour  and  Orders  of Knighthood and will consist of lectures, workshops and visits. The deadline for booking is 31 December.

Please click on the following link to download the required forms if you wish to attend

28, October, 2019

For those that may be interested a selection of photographs from this years convention have been posted on the OMRS Facebook page.

Please feel free to click on the link below and view the contents....

9, October, 2019

Dr Robin Thomas has been elected as the new President of the Orders & Medals Research Society in the biggest poll in the history of the OMRS which saw more than 300 members cast their votes. Graham Grist was elected as General Secretary when the results of both contests were announced at the Society’s Annual General Meeting at The National Archives in Kew.

Although the AGM was very well attended, 90% of the votes were cast by e-mail. The two candidates for President were Robin Thomas and Simon Ovens while those standing for the role of General Secretary were Graham Grist and Nicholas Higton.

“It is an enormous honour to follow many of the luminaries of our hobby as President of the Orders & Medals Research Society and a personal challenge to live up to all that has been achieved in the past,” said Robin, who replaced Air Commodore Graham Pitchfork MBE.

“One of the issues facing many societies such as ours is recruiting younger members and retaining existing ones. There are several ways to approach this, but underlying many of them is to improve communications, both within the Society and between the OMRS and the outside world. We already have a website and a Facebook page, but we also need to investigate the newer forms of social media now available, since these represent the methods of choice used by many for communicating and sharing information. We will also need to enhance the flow of information about what we are doing at various levels both within the Society and outside.

“Retaining existing members is also critical for the Society, and I suspect that individuals decide to join, renew or relinquish their membership according to its perceived benefits. The OMRS website had a lengthy development process, but now it is operational we need to use it as a platform for medal rolls or other research materials that would enhance the benefits of membership. As with anything to do with IT, this could be a lengthy process, but please bear with us.

“We have all witnessed how the internet has changed many aspects of the medals world. The marketplace and the research archive have increasingly been transferred to the computer screen. The OMRS needs to embrace these changes as well as retaining our superb branch network and annual convention.”

Robin is married with two daughters and lives in Dorset. He works for an international firm of ship brokers, specialising in freight contracts for electricity utilities and steel mills, mainly in Asia. He joined the OMRS in 1991 and has been a member of its Executive Committee since 2012.

Graham Grist, who replaced Dahlia Harrison,  is married, lives in Walton on Thames, Surrey and retired as a civil servant in 2017.  Graham joined the OMRS in November 1978 and was elected to the Executive Committee in 1981.  He has held the posts of Librarian, Treasurer and Advertising Manager.

Those elected unopposed to the Society’s Executive Committee at the AGM were Jim Lees as Membership Secretary and committee members Robert Barltrop, Richard Emsley, Jonathan Holl, Simon Ovens and Norman Gooding.

27, September, 2019

The book details the design process, manufacture and awarding of three very rare awards; between them, fewer than four hundred awards were made. The book contains the complete roll and all citations for the Burma Police Medal and the roll for all known awards of the Burma Gallantry Medal, together with the majority of the citations, the stories they tell deserve to be told and cover the period of the WWII Burma Campaign and its aftermath. “The Three Burma Awards” represents a double first as it is Steve’s first book and the first book dedicated to Burma gallantry awards and in researching it Steve has extended significantly the number of known Burma awards.

The book is softback and has numerous colour illustrations, 134 pages, A4-format.

The book is not published by the OMRS but is available directly from the author. The price is £20 plus postage & packing. Copies can be reserved by emailing Steve at

2, September, 2019

The complete UK Volunteer Long Service Medal Roll  is now available in the on-line research library, please feel free to have a browse.

The Volunteer Long Service Medal was authorised by Special Army Order 85 on 26 May 1894. It was superseded in the UK on the creation of the Territorial Force in 1908.
In 1896 the award was extended overseas to the Volunteer Forces of the Empire. This roll is includes all UK recipients and those from Bermuda.
The names of those awarded the medal were published in lists issued with Army Orders. Corrections were made in Army Orders. Upwards of 45,000 medals were issued, initially un-named until late in Queen Victoria’s reign.
All lists issued with Army Orders during the period 1895 to 1930 are included.